Cushioned All-Weather

Cushion Extreme

Get ready for a new level of cushioned court comfort.
Play harder, play longer, with less fatigue. Cushion Extreme®'s base pad is coated with a proven worldclass hard court acrylic tennis court surfacing system. The tennis ball plays and reacts as if on a hard court, but your body enjoys the built-in resilience of our cushioned base pad. Maximize your playing comfort and add years to your game... [ more ]

Performance Court 300

Court Cracked?  Body Aches?  Frustrated With Your Game?  Shouldn't Be!  We've Got Answers. Are you tired of unsightly court cracks every year? Does your body ache for days after your matches?  Is your performance getting worse?  If you answered yes to any of these, we can help... [ more ]


DecoTurf is the most recognized tennis court surfaces in the world. It is selected for use at the world's most prestigious events including the Olympic Games, the US Open since 1978, seven of the ten US Open Series tournaments... [ more ]

Nova ProBounce

An All American hard court surface ideal for the competitive tennis player who wants the natural Cushion Court Comfort and Feel...GREAT for existing cracked tennis courts... [ more ]

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