Maintaining your court is one of the most important things you can do to preserve the longevity of its appearance.  Like changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, properly cleaning and inspecting your court once a year is very critical.

Our maintenance programs include pressure washing and applying chemicals to kill the algae on your court. Our chemicals are all environmentally friendly and will not harm any organics surrounding your court.

Our service includes removing all the algae, debris, foreign chemicals off your court.  If left on the court for long periods of time, these infected areas will become a problem over time.  They will cause slippery areas, paint to peel and even eat away at your court.  It is recommended you do this once a year.

At the time of inspection, we will grease your net posts crank, tighten your net and adjust your center strap.  We will also grease your basketball hoop if you own one.  Before we leave we will thoroughly inspect the court and caulk up to 50' of hairline cracks.  If you have larger cracks, we will recommend our patented Riteway Crack Repair system. 

Generally speaking the early spring is a good time of the year to do your maintenance.  To do a court thoroughly, it takes about 1 day to do 1 court.  We use specific solutions that will not damage or ruin your acrylics on your court. 

We also service "Har Tru" courts and maintain them on a yearly basis. As we all know, "Har Tru" courts must be top dressed once a year and new lines must be installed at the same time. To learn more about our "Har Tru" services, please contact us for additional information and pricing.

It's always good to ask, so if you think your courts needs an inspection, call us anytime for a free non-obligational estimate. 

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