Gym Equipment Inspections

"Spectators Injured by Collapsed Retractable Basketball Hoop System."

No one wants to read the above headline.

Hinding Tennis provides FREE safety inspections.
Our Certified Spalding Gym Pro Representative will inspect all
gym equipment from ground level up.

This includes: Divider Curtains • Scoreboards • Basketball Back Stops • Electric Motors • Manual Winches • Safety Straps • Volleyball Floor Sleeves • Support Cables • Support Structures • and more . . . 

*All Items will be operated multiple times (unless visible damage) to inspect for proper operation

*A written report will be submitted upon completion of the visual inspection.

*This report will include our evaluation of your school's gym equipment, as well as our
recommendations on any additional work needed to prolong the longevity of your equipment.

*The report will also detail any safety issues and explain what needs to be done to make your
equipment as safe as possible.

WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR THIS INSPECTION SERVICE. Sign up for your inspection today!

Vincent Rapuano, 203-410-1270
Michael Ciotti, 203-464-3620

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