Tiled Courts

If you have an existing basketball court or athletic court that requires resurfacing, we can offer you tiles with pre-painted game lines that are easy to lay down since they interlock and snap in to place easily. You can select your base tile color and any number of game line configurations you'd like painted on them as well giving your outdoor court a vibrant and pleasing appearance!

Benefits of Using Tiled Courts

 All Weather Surface
The Surface is designed to expand and contract to fit every climate condition without affecting performance.

Shock Absorption
The 3/4" thick, co-polymer surface reduces stress on the joints, significantly cutting down the risk of sports related injuries.

Reduced Maintenance
Since Tiled Court surfaces are made to last, you won't have to spend your savings to maintain them throughout the year. You can expect to save at least 50% in maintenance costs when compared to regular court surfaces.

Quick Drying
The self-draining design of our outdoor premium tiles is designed to dry quickly, reducing dangerous standing water and puddles to make them safer for everyone that uses them.

Reduced Surface Temperatures
Tile Court surfaces radiate far less heat than a traditional outdoor surface, increasing comfort during hot, summer days.

Although we don't recommend this surface for the serious tennis players, this surface is ideal for In-line hockey, basketball, pickelball, volleyball and any other outdoor sport you can play on, because "if you can play on it, we can build it".

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