Post-Tension Concrete

Post-Tensioned concrete courts have been around for years, although more expensive than standard asphalt base courts, it has been proven that if installed correctly, PT Courts can last for possibly 50+ years.

Post-Tensioned concrete courts provide many advantages, the design of the system will greatly decrease the chances for cracking, settling and ponding.  It can withstand strong mother nature storms, cushioned systems can be applied on the slab and works great both indoor and out.

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Concrete provides a durable playing surface that will withstand mother nature and is less susceptible to the effects of climate. (extreme hot and cold)

A post-tensioned concrete court slab will have a greater thickness than asphalt (4" as opposed to 3") and also have prestressed reinforcing steel. Once the cables are reinforced and tighten, the system becomes stronger than any other surface on the market.

Post-Tensioned concrete is becoming very popular for new construction and rebuilding of existing tennis courts where access can be tough to get to with new construction equipment.

Post-tensioning concrete provides long term value for the following reasons:

•  Increased resistance to settling and/or heaving, ponding (low spots)

•  Easy to control slope and drainage

•  Eliminates the potential liability from structural cracking

•  Ability to reconstruct over existing courts without any major excavation or transporting of material

•  Cushioned Systems can be installed on the new slap

•  Great for all sports

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