Basketball Courts

Building a new basketball court is very similar to a new tennis court. However, since there is no fence around a basketball court, many towns do not require a permit. A full size basketball court is 100' x 50', however many homeowner's will chose a ½ court, which can be constructed at 45' x 45' to get the keys and three point lines at regulation standards.

A crushed stone base with adequate drainage is very important in building a new court. Depending on site conditions, we like to excavate 8" and install a solid stone base. We will than fine grade with process stone, establish the proper 1% pitch and pave with either one or two courses of asphalt.

If you desire to coat the court, you will need to let the asphalt set and cure for 21 days. A standard three coat color system is adequate for your new court. You can customize for a two or even three tone color system and line your court with all the professional markings.

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