All Weather Courts

... Our Specialty!

Not every court is built the same way. We like to look at the site conditions to determine how solid the base is, if we need to excavate additional fill out to build a stronger base we will make recommendations accordingly. Many "all weather" courts are built with a crushed stone base (10"-12") and two 1 ½" layers of asphalt. Drainage is a very important aspect in building a new "all weather" tennis court. A curtain drain is generally suitable for these types of courts.

A 10' high black or green vinyl fence is the most common fence we install today.  Although we offer many types of custom fences (visit our accessories page) All schedule 40 and heavy duty to withstand wind loads of up to 75 mph.

The surface can be "hard" or "soft" depending on your preference. Nowadays people like to play on a soft cushion surface. We offer many types of "cushion" courts to choose from. Many of these surfaces come with a 5 year warranty.

To play on or go see one of our New Courts or to play on a Cushioned Surface, contact us today to visit one of our sites.

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